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Center of Excellence

At the centre of excellence at Geeta Institute of Law, we provide two certified courses.

Centre For Excellence in Environment Studies
International Environmental Law is one of the most dynamic fields of International Law and is an essential part of today’s global legal regime. A developing country like India with a large population needs to protect the environment in its process of development.

The course ensures that students are equipped with the analytical foundations, the specific skills and the area knowledge that they will need to provide up-to-date analysis and solutions in a policy setting. Through this course participant will be able to identify and understand

  • Provide a historical perspective of environmental law.
  • To subject existing procedures and techniques to critical analysis.
  • Consider emerging trends in the approach to environmental law.
  • Know the salient provisions of the framework legislation that govern International
  • Environmental Law.

Centre for Excellence in Cyber Law
Computers have become a medium of spreading information through internet and this brings the whole world into one button. This involves the risk of misuse of this novel technology and this will involve many legal issues and problems such as cyber crimes and other related matters. The use of internet and computers come in the purview of Cyber Law with Information Technology Act 2000 dealing with all such issues.

Through this course participant will be able to identify and understand

  • This course will make you familiar with the meaning of Cyber Crime and the legislation in India.
  • Dealing with offences relating with the abuse of computers and other electronic gadgets.
  • The course also deals with the Information Technology Act 2000, the I.T. Amendment Act 2008, Computer & Web Technology, Investigation of Cyber Crimes, E-Commerce and Net-Neutrality.