Moot Court Club

Geeta Institute of law has a vibrant and active mooting culture. The Moot Court Society (MCS) of Geeta Institute of Law is a student run club under the guidance of faculty co-coordinators, which seeks to channelize the students on the mooting path. The Moot Court Committee at the GIL embodies the indefeasible passion for mooting that the Institute cherishes as its own. Apart from maintaining a strong internal mooting structure, the Committee has been entrusted with the responsibility of hosting annually, the Geeta Institute of Law Moot Court Competition. To this extent, the Committee is proud to find itself entrusted with the organization of a very prestigious and well respected moot court competition on Competition Law and Advocacy. The Gil Moot Court Society is a team of dedicated students who continuously work towards achieving new heights in the mooting arena.

The primary goal of the Moot Court Society is to provide all the GIL students the opportunities to harbor research, oral advocacy and legal drafting skills and other essential prowess to mould an individual into an adept mooter. The Committee has also undertaken to educate the fresher batch every year regarding the nuances of mooting, conducting at the start of the year a detailed orientation programme and at the end of their first semester, a competitive GIL Intra Moot Court Competition.

The Moot Court Society doesn’t just limit itself to Intra-College activities it also indulges itself in various Inter-College competitions. GIL students have taken part in many various Moot Court Competitions hosted by many law colleges. Teams of GIL have a long tradition of excellence in appellate advocacy and their talent has succeeded in many Moot Court Competitions in India.

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Internship & Placement Club

“In a world where competition grows by the minute and multiplies by the hour, placements have become a yardstick for excellence.”

At GIL, we always strive to create an environment in which each individual is encouraged to step beyond the confines of the academic and administrative disciplines to explore newer vistas. Our placement and internship cell was conceptualized and initiated taking into consideration the desire of the students to utilize the education and vocational training that they received within the campus in the Legal Environment

Students, in order to supplement classroom learning with on-field exposure generally take up internships between the semesters. The cell works to ensure that students get placements and internships of their choice and also that each company walks out of the college with an ideal candidate.

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Social & Welfare Club

Motto: Sharing is Caring 

Aims: Club has been founded to develop the social cooperation spirit in GIL, to help people who need directly or indirectly by means of charity organizations and activities. 


  • To build responsiveness among students about the social responsibilities.
  • To involve students with extracurricular activities ahead of academic part.
  • To serve the society in its possible need and perform the responsibilities to the society.
  • To generate opportunity of learning by doing for society.
  • To develop leadership skill among the students.
  • To promote the intercultural relations and welfare of students.
  • To organize different co-activities for and on behalf of the students.
  • To facilitate conductive academic environment in the campus.

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